Say "No" to the status quo

I spent 30 years washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner. First with products that contained chemicals, and then the organic variety. All came in plastic bottles. All seemed as necessary as wearing clothes and brushing my teeth.

But as someone uncomfortable with the status quo, I began reading more about the subject. Turns out, one's hair can look, smell, and feel just as nice without these wasteful products. Waste is a complex topic that we will get to in future posts but the material and energy contribution to create a product like shampoo or conditioner (especially their plastic bottles), does nothing to help us as individuals or the planet.

Through a bit of experimenting, I stopped shampooing entirely. Instead, I rinse my hair with baking soda and vinegar (purchased in bulk for hair and home uses) every couple of weeks. That's all it needs to stave off oily build up. The vinegar adds a nice shine too. Since I have curly hair, oiliness is less of an issue than dryness so conditioning is needed to ensure I don't look like I just stuck my finger in an electrical outlet. Through more researching I  found a chemical free conditioning bar (no plastic bottle!) which I just reordered after a year of use.

We all know that the status quo isn't always best. Take a moment to question your hair care routine or another assumed element in your life. Reduce waste, time and money spent on shopping, and reliance on things you don't need.