Free Reusable Water Bottles

I have another confession to make: I once bought a reusable glass water bottle for about $20. 

In our consumer-centric society which has recently integrated more sustainable sensibilities, this may seem like a reason for applause, not admonishment. With it's compact size, maroon silicon wrap to reduce breakage, thick glass, and handle, it's functional and attractive.

But a complete waste of money and resources.

When we purchase food and drink items we typically get two products  in one: the actual food or drink we want to consume, and its packaging. Often times the packaging is useless and wasteful, but occasionally it can be reused (ex. plastic bag from a loaf of bread). 

Many beverages come in glass bottles. They are stylish and functional for the purposes of drinking ease, attracting customers, and being "on the go" ready. While I tend not to encourage purchase of these (I'm a water from the faucet or water fountain gal), we can't always be prepared for our hydration needs. So, I bought a Mountain Valley Sparkling Water bottle: perfect size, lightweight, and pretty.  I never have to worry about losing or breaking it since it was so inexpensive. I also enjoyed the delicious bubbly spring water the first time I used it. Reusing glass beverage bottles is like getting a reusable water bottle for free.

Why did I purchase a (frustratingly heavy) reusable water bottle when I could have bought a bottle of water and then reuse it repeatedly? It's easy to get caught up in the flow of life and not question our actions enough, even when our initial impulse is to make a choice with sustainability in mind. 

Get creative about living more lightly.