Judgement Free

I have a terrible sense of direction. its so bad that you'd wonder how i even manage day to day activities. It’s borderline embarrassing to ask friends how to get to locations I've been to so many times before, or have to admit I got lost on the way to a destination. I've had to pull over in complete frustration and shame, tears in my eyes. 

Do people judge me for this? I don't know, but I also don't care.

In my past relationship, I was with someone who had an excellent sense of direction. If he had been somewhere, once in his life, 10 years ago, he could find his way back. I never used GPS because he was my GPS. He was a natural and I was just lucky enough to tag along. Now I have an iPhone because the bottomline is that I need help.

If you are a human being, there's a good chance you feel a bit embarrassed about the current state of your home office, your closet or your garage. You may tidy up, shoving items without a home into your designated hiding places and offer some sort of apology for your home's not-so- impeccable appearance to guests. You're probably a natural at other "life things," this just may not be the one.

Do people judge you for this? I don't know, but I suggest that you don't care.

Unfortunately, there is no GPS for creating a simple, organized space. But there are people like me. People who are a natural in this area and can help ... as long as I don't get too lost on the way there.