- Why Less Equals More -

The equation is simple: When you have less stuff in your life (both physical objects and the more nebulous distractions), you can focus on your priorities. These are typically the things you care about most, that fulfill you, that provide meaning. These are the pieces of life that carry the heaviest weight . When you remove the lighter weighted, less important stuff, you are left with your life's meaning and more happiness. With less of the unimportant, you are left with more of what matters.

Getting this equation right can be tough. That's where I come in.

- Why Me - 

Having an experienced and reliable partner through this process is critical. It is hardest to hold ourselves accountable. As a seasoned project manager, keeping a project moving and holding key players responsible was the cornerstone of my success in the office environment. I bring those skills along with a near lifetime of organizing and downsizing experiences, and sustainability knowledge. 

I can help you put everything in order but in a way that reflects your life vision. And if you’re not quite sure of what that vision is or how to prioritize, I can help you with that too.

Learn more about me through my bio and others' experiences.

- Why Start Now - 

Many wait until a time of transition ( a move, a change in family make up, a significant birthday). Others think they can do it themselves, yet never have started the project in earnest. I would answer the question of why to start now with another question: why would you wait to make your life simpler and better?