Services range from downsizing projects to pre-move meditations on minimalist trajectories, to simple closet organizing, to creating a zero waste home. When it comes to living with less to get more out of life, I am your personal guide.

Each session is tailored to an individual's needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all enterprise. Solutions are developed to suit your personality type and specific goals. I focus on establishing systems that allow maintenance of your post-project life to be easy and effective.

Along the way, I provide project management: reviewing our objectives at the beginning of each session, taking notes throughout, reviewing what we've accomplished at the end, and enumerating our next "to do's." In between sessions, we stay in touch. I answer any questions that arise and we share information as needed. I will be your accountability partner, keeping you honest with respect to your goals and keeping us moving toward them efficiently.

How to get started  To determine if this process is a good fit and to define your goals, we first have an initial 1/2 hour introductory meeting (at no cost). This can be conducted over the phone or in-person. If you decide to move forward with a project, we schedule a session (minimum 3 hours). You are not locked in to multiple sessions.

Contact me to set up your initial consultation

Organizing/Minimalist Consulting

Sometimes you only need a light touch from a professional organizer for targeted inspiration, project management, and specific organizing advice. Maybe between dropping off the kids and running to an appointment it's hard to open your home to an organizing professional for blocks of time. Or maybe you and I don’t live in the same area and you are looking for a way that we can work together. This online service package is a great way to begin an organizing project and to stay on track.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Send any photos of the particular area/s of your home space needing attention in our work along with answers to the questionnaire that will be sent to you.

  2. Through a 90 minute phone consultation, we will discuss your project needs, potential challenges, and solid strategies.

  3. As your accountability partner, I will follow up with a project plan, including homework assignments, goals, and due dates.

  4. We will have three more 60 minute calls so we can continue working through the plan together, along with check in emails to ensure we remain on track.

How to get started  To determine if this process is a good fit and to define your goals, we first have an initial 1/2 hour introductory call (at no cost). 

The investment  Total investment $425 (for up to a 4 month period) via check or Paypal. (50% due at sign up, second half due at first call. Non-refundable.)

Contact me to set up your initial consultation

Additional Services/Products

The Less = More Lifestyle Workshop  Through this interactive, half-day workshop, participants are introduced to the prime concepts of minimalism, simple life design, and how to organize. Learn how to connect your life priorities to your home space, tips for downsizing room by room, and how to overcome the biggest challenges that deter you from starting to organize. Please contact me to schedule one for your event space or group.

Speaking Engagements  I can create a tailored talk for your group to inspire, provide tips, and discuss my organizing experiences. Please contact me to discuss the details.

Gift Certificate Share the gift of simplicity by ordering a gift certificate for either in-person or online services.

Private Yoga Sessions Yoga and simple living have a clear connection point: they are both about building awareness, being in the present moment, and becoming more mindful. Your body is your home too and needs this type of attention. Whether you're a first-timer or seasoned yoga student, and whether we work together on organizing projects or you'd just like to bring yoga into your home, yoga sessions are tailored to your intentions and goals.