My Favorite Organizing Slogan

As someone who tends not to buy things, advertising and marketing are far from my mind’s eye most of time. But occasionally I’ll come across a clever marketing ethos that is just so good I can’t help but integrate it into my lifestyle.

When too busy analyzing logistics or dwelling endlessly on the emotional aspects of an organizing project, you can easily waste time considering all pathways and issues. Even if this occurs in pursuit of increased efficiency or ease, you’ve diverted energy from executing your project. Whenever I find myself in this Bermuda triangle of inactivity, this Nike slogan re-emerges: Just do it.

In pursuit of the perfect moment, the perfect way, nothing gets done. Or maybe you are simply procrastinating. These common hurdles have derailed many downsizing projects from even starting. Either way: Just do it.

Don’t talk about, ruminate, or cry about it. Don’t think about how it’s impossible, or overwhelming. Or even revisit the point of it. 

Just do it.

Don’t come up with elaborate project plans, or read blogpost after blogpost (ahem), or set up schedules. Yes, all of these activities can be helpful but …

Just do it.

“But, wait!” You may say, “That’s easier said than done.” No, it isn’t .

Just do it.

A mantra (phrase repeated often or that expresses someone's basic beliefs) is a useful tool to connect you to your purpose and remind you of the actions you must take to make your life more whole and simple. The “Just do it” slogan may not fit your personality as well as it does mine. Perhaps there is a similar mantra you can employ to cut through the inner chatter. Pick one. Just do it. But remember the reason behind “Just do it.” It’s a clear call to action. It’s even minimalist in it’s concise vocabulary. Mistakes happen all the time, and we can never plan against all of them. We can, however, get out of our own heads and begin to take action; the sort of action that has a real, immediate, and visual affect. 

I invite you to get to work.