My March Madness, Part 2

In my last post, My March Madness, Part 1, I recounted how I approached my most recent paring down of stuff, post-post move. It was a reminder that with changing day-to-day needs, our material goods should be re-evaluated.

As such, these are some of the conversations I had with myself:

  • I don't need a full hamper anymore. Just a laundry bag to hang on the back of my closet door will do. This will make going down to the laundry room easier.

  • This set of four Edward Tufte books that used to sit in my office are beautiful. But I no longer have an office so I'm going to take a deeper skim of them and then donate.

  • These old high school newspapers that include articles I wrote are a fun moment to revisit this last time. But now I'm going to cut out my articles and recycle the rest.

  • I love composting but I no longer have a backyard with a compost pile. Plus, if I decided to compost again and bring it to the farmer's market, I'd need a compost pail that can be stored in the freezer.

  • I've had this sewing box for 20 years. It's burgeoning with buttons and fabric. How did this happen? I'll just keep a few buttons, some thread, and needles that I will most likely use. I'll store these items in a small bag in my utility/tool box.

  • Hmmm ... I don't need all of these glasses and mugs. I'll donate the ones I am least likely to use.

  • This full length mirror is actually warped in the middle. How did I not realize this before?

  • Let me do my usual paring down of clothing and books to be sure I only have what I need and use most.

I also went from three memory boxes to two. Memory boxes are where I keep most of my writings from my youth (when I need a laugh), recently completed journals, and notes/cards people have written me. Only a few pieces of physical memorabilia are kept here as I believe these should be worn or displayed (not hidden in a box).

Have there been changes in your life recently, large or small, that may result in a survey of what you have and what you need?