Dara Zycherman

When I was young, I would disappear into my bedroom for hours at a time, take out everything from my closet, and then hold a yard sale where I’d sell items deemed inessential to my little brother Marc. At 10 years-old, my favorite hobby was downsizing. 

A few years ago, when my parents were getting ready to move out of my childhood home, they knew who to call. I spent days in the basement with them shredding check registers from 1979, but also offering ideas on how to hold onto precious memories without the associated items. 

I’ve worked as a part-time professional organizer for two years, helping clients prepare for moves or organize their home offices, and in the process, find greater peace and productivity within their physical space.  

My main work for the past dozen years has been at the U.S. Green Building Council. I am one of the so-called "original” staff who helped it grow from a 20-person nonprofit start-up to one of the world’s preeminent environmental organizations. While there, I spearheaded the launch of the first certification for neighborhood development and was instrumental in the launch of the latest version of the LEED rating systems. 

Now, I’m marrying my passion for sustainability, love of minimalism, and desire to help people who need a nudge.